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EPDM/Solidworks 2009/10 and Windows 7

Question asked by Martyn Whichello on Aug 18, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2009 by Martyn Whichello

Hello All, We are currently running Solidworks 2007/PDMWE 2007 on XP 64 and are planning to upgrade to either Solidworks/EPDM 2009 or Solidworks/EPDM 2010 later this year. Along with deciding which release to upgrade to we have also to decide what OS to run. From a previous thread, I see that several people have had good results running Solidworks 2009 on Windows 7 (even though this combination isn't 'officially' supported), but I was wondering if anyone has had any experience running EPDM 2009/10 on 64bit Windows 7?. Any comments regarding performance, stability, bugs etc would be very much appreciated. I would also be interested in any experiences of running the Solidworks 2010 betas on Windows 7, especially related to performance/stability when using EPDM... 





Martyn Whichello