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    EPDM Insert part display

    Jon Brunke

      OK I'm stumped here. The attached image file dipicts the problem. We use the SW insert part feature to develop castings. The inserted part displays in the SW feature manager but I can't get the inserted part to display in the Enterprise Task Manager. I'm sure it's some setting I have wrong but I can't find it. Any suggestions?


      SW Feature Manager

      3377 (Drawing)

           3375 Machined Casting (Finished Part)

                3373 Raw Casting (Inserted Part)



      EPDM Task Manager

      3377 (Drawing)

           3375 Machined Casting (Finished Part)


      There's no reference to 3373?



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          Joy Garon

          Hi John -


          This was actually an SPR that was fixed to improve performance.

          SW looks at the loaded files to display in the FM tree.

          Enterprise has to scan the database, etc. to extract the information.

          The two do not compare unfortunately.


          Best Regards,


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              Jon Brunke



              Thanks for responding. It's unfortunate for us this was done but I understand performance is a critical issue.


              For what it's worth I love the new (2009) Enterprise task manager enhancements (the iccons).  I've been schooling our users how to use the interface to determine the version status of the items in their assemblies. We use insert part on all of our finished castings so we can drive revisions to the raw casting (inserted) to the finished castings. The fact that these inserted parts don't appear in the enterprise task manager creates an exception to the methodology. Oh well, enter plan B.