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64bit VPN Client Surprise

Question asked by Jon Brunke on Aug 17, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2009 by Jon Brunke

We’re experiencing RAM related crashes with our M6300 32bit laptops so I have been doing some research on DELL M6400 laptops, and in fact just bought three, 64bit Vista (the latter based on 2009 SW World recommendations at boot camp). I was prepared to deal with the potential 64bit/Vista related issues.


Then I came across this snippet in a forum thread here:


“I am using 32 Bit because some times I have to VPN to the network and the program we use is not 64 Bit, and it will not run on a 64 Bit system”


Right then I had a flash back to a line from Star Wars, Yoda saying something like “Afraid? Oh you will be”.


Our mobile users use Cisco client VPN software for remote access to EPDM. So off to the Cisco website I go. From their website:


Q. Does Cisco provide a VPN Client for Windows Vista?


A. Cisco VPN Client Version 5 is available for 32-bit Windows Vista. There are no current plans to provide 64-bit support for the Cisco VPN Client but 64-bit support is available for the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client.


We are licensed with Cisco so we won’t have to buy the new software. I did see some dialog about having to buy VPN appliances and a quick tour of the web suggests configuring the “new” solution might cost me a few more of the few hairs I have left. I'm posting here for two reasons.


1. Anybody have experiences with 64bit client software from Cisco or other providers?


2. I thought the folks at SolidWorks might want to go visit the folks at Cisco and kick them in the .... for hurting them and us.