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Advice on modelling surfaces - trying to create torch body..

Question asked by Grahame Line on Aug 14, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2009 by Grahame Line

Hi all,


I am wondering whether somebody would be able to help me or advise the best possible way of modelling a torch body for rotational or injection moulding?


My knowledge of 3d surfacing is minimal and I am trying to achieve a model which can be easily modified in terms of body may need to increase in volume for adding additional parts. And also handle angle can be modified to produce various shapes.  I wanted to create the body and then shell to give me a uniform thickness but I am getting some weird and wonderful error messages which I am bemused by.


I initially wanted to do the body in 4 parts front, Body, Joining section (which is currently sweeps and a bad join - see attached sldprt) and handle.  But I am wondering whether I should make the model as two seperate parts left / right side etc


Any help or advice would be greatfully received,


Many Thanks,