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Configuring a Limit Mate

Question asked by Angela Crawford on Aug 13, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2010 by Don Barger

I am having some problems configuring a limit mate.


The basic setup of what I'm trying to do:


assembly 1 uses a rod that is 63" long, so the concentric parts can move along the rod  0" to 58" from one end.

assembly 2 uses a rod that is 100" long, so the limits would be 0" to 95".


I can change the limits per config just fine.  However, say I go to assembly 2 and drag the concentric parts out to let's say 80" (or any number greater than the 58").  Then I activate assembly 1 again.  The mate seems to reset the 0 point.  I mean, it puts in larger values in the max and min to satisfy the mate rather than move the parts back into the range of 0" to 58".


I'm worried if I leave it as is, someone else working on this assembly later won't know not to drag the parts out like that and will drag the parts around while working on it, then go back to the first config and it will be all screwed up.


(not sure if this should be in the "Configurations" category or the "Assembly" category)