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Installing eDrawings viewer 2007 on Windows NT

Question asked by Duane Juve on Aug 13, 2009

We would like to install eDrawings Viewer on some old Windows NT computers.  We have an older version of eDrawing 2007 (Version The computers do have SP 6 installed, running IE 6.0  and Active Desktop is installed. From everything I read Version 7 should install on these machines and there should be no problem. The installation goes fine  but when I try to run the program



The following error message appears


“The procedure entry point Create Toolhelp32Snapshot could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll”


and then another message about memory location and then nothing.  The program does not run. I also tried to reapply SP6 on the computer after this with the same results as before; the two error messages and the program does not run.



Thanks for any help