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Design table driven features in assemblies don't propagate properly to parts.

Question asked by Tom Jensen on Aug 13, 2009

I've run in to a problem with features driven by a design table.


I wanted to know what the limitations were as far as what could be controlled on part level, when using a design table in an assembly. So I set up a few test scenarios, one was a simple 2 part assembly in which I created a Cut through both parts on assembly level and propagated the cut to the parts. They propagate to the parts porperly at first. Then I tried manually suppressing the feature (on assembly level) the Cut was suppressed in the parts too, as expected.


Then I inserted a design table to control the state of the feature (suppressed or unsppressed). The feature suppresses and unsuppresses fine in the assembly, but it dosn't propagate to the parts. I.E. It can be suppressed in the assembly but unsuppressed in the part.


As I started out by saying - It only happens when I control the state through a design table. When I do it by clicking the feature in the feature manager tree and (un)suppress it, the part follow suit.


If this is a known issue - Is there a workaround?


If not, how do I report it to get it fixed?

Using SP 4.0 by the way. haven't had time to install 4.1 yet.

I tried attaching the parts and assembly if anyone want to have a look

Thanks in advance.