PhotoView 2010 Beta Weekly Rendering Competition

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Announcing the PhotoView 360 2010 Beta Rendering Competition



Check it out—if you're currently a SolidWorks subscription service customer, Partner, or Reseller, you're cordially invited to participate in our PhotoView 360 2010 Beta Rendering Contest. Three winners will be chosen each week, and all winning images will be qualified for the Grand Prize.


Here’s how you can participate.

  1. Once you've read the Official Contest Rules, create a new Beta Service Request with the following text in the summary: "PV360 Beta Rendering Contest." This will identify it as a contest entry.
  2. Attach your image and a completed Authorization and Approval Statement to the Service Request. You can attach them to the SR individually, or combine them in a .zip or .rar file. The important thing is that the image and authorization are submitted together. Also, don’t forget to include a two to three word title for your image, as well as a short description.
  3. Submit your entry SR by 4:59 PM EDT each Friday, from now until the end of the beta period. Winners will be determined and announced on or around the Monday following the Friday deadline. Any submissions made after 4:59 PM EST will be judged in the following week's contest.
  4. At our discretion, submitted images will be posted to http://www.solidworksgallery.com.

Winners will be contacted individually, and their images will be highlighted on the SolidWorks Gallery website.

There will be three winners per week and all winning images will be qualified for the Grand Prize. After the weekly contests have ended, the judges will choose two Grand Prize winners from the list of weekly winners. You can see the prizes by clicking here. Prizes include SolidWorks apparel, logo laptop backpacks messenger bags, iPods, posters, and more.


If you're not already a SolidWorks 2010 beta tester, it's not too late to sign up. Just go here and get started.



The SolidWorks 2010 Beta Management Team