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Instability of Solidworks 2009

Question asked by 1-GHQKT8 on Aug 12, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2009 by Anna Wood

Our engineering group has been using SW 2009 for about six months now and regret ever installing the upgrade. There are simply too

many crashes which has caused lost productivity.  We have spoke to our I.T. person and he has done everything to help stablilize our system

but SW 2009 simply has too many bugs and software problems to ensure consisten stability.  It's as if SW rushed the version out the door, before it

was completely finished.  Everything in our culture today is based on the almighty dollar, so I guess I"m not surprised at this.


We wish we would have gone with Autodesk Inventor now, but we'll have to manage what we have.