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Question asked by MAXIM FRAYER on Aug 12, 2009
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Mate errors (i.e., overdefined) are resulting (theoretically this should not be the case).  I will describe the situation hypothetically.  I have a revolute joint, using sketch entities in both mate references.  Now I would like to set the remaining single DOF: the angle orientation.  Since I cannot apparently set a directed (or any other for that matter) angle between a plane and sketch axis, I then resort to setting the angle constraint between sketch and reference geometry axes (two methods here as well, the reference geom. axis is skew and non skew with sketch axis; not sure how the skew case should even solve! ).  Of course, this does not work again, apparently since the constraint may only be satisfied at one exact value, which is defined by a SW driven equation (proper value in theory again).  Given the above two methods don't work, I resort to setting a distance constraint which as the thread topic suggests should suggest that SW should recognize multiple solutions (4 to be exact):  only 2 solutions are "accessible" through the flip dimension toggle.  In any case, assuming I use 1 of these 2 modes at this point, eventually this constraint will fail with further assembly complexity (i.e., more components and mates) at a later point.  What is the work around?


SW2009 SP4.0