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Solidworks simulation frequency analysis

Question asked by 1-H2A7YH on Aug 12, 2009
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Hello everybody my name is Nesho and I'm a graduate student in automotive engineering. For my diploma thesis I'm working on a buzz, squeak and rattle analysis on an active head restraint for a car seat. I started my analysis using solidworks simulation frequency analysis and I got the natural frequencies and mode shapes of the assembly, when I realized that solidworks can only determine the frequency and not the vibration amplitude of the assembly. As you know audible frequency is characterized as a periodic vibration whose frequency is audible to the average human. While the range of frequencies that any individual can hear is largely related to environmental factors, the generally accepted standard range of audible frequencies is 20 to 20,000 hertz. Frequencies below 20 Hz can usually be felt rather than heard, assuming the amplitude of the vibration is high enough. Which brings me to my next point: The loudness of a sound is dependent upon the amplitude of the wave.  As amplitude increases, loudness increases.
- So I was wondering if there is a way to determine the amplitude of vibration through solidworks simulation or any other software that I might use.


Thank you very much in advance and I hope that I'll get your response as soon as possible because my dead line is approaching.