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    FEA Exam

    Jesse Seger

      I have questions about the exam.


      I just took the exam, but I ran out of time.  Now I'm not sure if it compiled the finished results or not, but it said I got everything wrong!!  I was %100 confident that I got the hand calcs correct.


      Now as far as the simulations go.  What do we put if the result falls below the decimal treshold that the test asks for??  (Ex: Give answer to 2 decimals.  Result is 3.453 E-006)  I'm wondering if I missed simulated something.  I've only done this model about 50 times.


      Also I've used simulation a lot, but I guess I've never had to "get the maximum stress in a specific component in an assembly."  I can't figure out for the life of me on how to do that!!!


      And lastly, I've heard rumors about a practice exam.  Does this exist??


      Thanks a bunch!!!

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          I took the exam last year and I don't remember too many issues with the significant numbers.  I seem to remember I used a spreadsheet for the hand calc's to round up which seemed to work.


          I also remember there was a practice exam but I can't find it on the website any more.

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            Peter Biggert

            One way to find the maximum stress on a single component of an assembly is to use the "List Selected" option after showing the stress plot, turn on the filter to select bodies, choose the component, and then sort the results by stress.


            Another way is to turn on the display max stress in the plot options and then hide all other components in the assembly and update the stress plot.

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                Jesse Seger

                Thanks... I will give it a try.


                I'm still wondering if I really did get everything wrong, or did the test throw my exam out because I didn't finish??  I'm curious before I try and retake the exam.


                Also about decimal places, are we to expect that we should not have results below the .01 when asked to go to 2 decimals???

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                Robert Stupplebeen

                I'm a pack rat.

                Atached is the practice exam and the referenced parts.  I hope this helps.


                Rob Stupplebeen