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Vista x64 - SP2

Question asked by Steve Schaufler on Aug 11, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2009 by Gerald Davis

I am looking for some user experience and or feedback with service pack 2.  I am just starting to test this OS (SP1), basically for the memory advantages and have not had much seat time with Vista in general.  I understand no two environments are the same and I'm in no rush to use SP2 - just wanting to get some feedback.  It would appear (based on my searches here) not too many people have moved to this SP yet?


FWIW - We have large SW dataset's in our (complex) environment, multi site with a lot of users, PDM (DBWorks using replication), recently migrated to Office 07 corporate wide etc...I am not looking to go with Win7 as we just rolled out SW 2009 so it will be awhile before the next rollout.  Our hardware is good (xw4600's, core2, 8GB mem, SAS etc)