Cell Padding

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 26, 2005
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2007 by 1-6RGDU6
I just upgraded to 2006 and saw that the cell padding situation is worse now. Horizontal padding was always excessive, but at least the vertical padding looked right. Now, when mousing the row height, the cells collapse right onto the text.

Why's this important? I bring in a BOM and often I want to reduce column widths to get a better fit. I grab the edge of the Description column to narrow it. Oops, too far, now I've got one item word-wrapped and now the row is too tall. So I make the column a little wider and the word wrap is goes away, but the row is still too tall. (Wouldn't it be nice if it returned to its orginal height!) So I drag a bottom edge up, but now its too short. Damn, I can't get the exact height by eye, so now I have to format the row and type in the row height.

I agree fully: set horizontal and vertical padding in the document options. Also automatically reduce row height when adjusting column width.