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    SW 2006 to Cadence Allegro PCB Editor

      Is it possible to generate a file in SW 2006 which can be imported into Cadence Allegro PCB Editor? I work on SW 2006 and the my vendor wanted a DXF file of the PCB I drew up in SW. But unfortunately, SW does give us a warning that certain entities could be scaled, and it is true. Any idea how I can give him the file with out me specifying all the dimensions on the PCB.


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          Jerry Steiger



          I don't know about Cadence, but many PCB design tools do have interfaces with SW.


          If you do end up using .dxf as the input for Cadence, I would suggest that you make your drawing with a scale of 1:1 in all views. (For Protel, our board designers normally only want the plan view. The thickness is usually transferred verbally or by an email.) Then you shouldn't have any issues with the scaling.


          Jerry Steiger