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    Bom's and Configurations

    Jason Hogue

      I have a part in an assembly with 3 configurations, A,B,C. Each config has it's own number of instances. Eg 3x Config A, 2x Config B and 1x Config C.  All configurations are in the assembly.  In the drawing of the assembly the BOM only shows this part as one item, not 3 seperate. Eg 6x Config B


      Is this normal??  I need to show the 3 different configurations as 3 seperate items with their corresponding quantities.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Wayne Tiffany

          (Take a look at this drawing.)


          Do you have all three assy configs showing in the BOM?  Each assy config in the BOM should show the usage of that part.  The BOM will have one row for the part, and a column for each config that shows the quantity of that part in each config.  If this doesn't answer your question, please post the assy, the part, and the drawing.



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              Jason Hogue

              I have 3 differnent types of covers in an assembly.  These 3 types are configs of a single part.  I have all 3 variatons in my assembly with a total of 6 parts.  THe BOM only show one config but with a total of 6 items.  Not 3 of one, 3 of another, and 1 of another like I need it to. Visually the assem looks fine but SW doesn't seem to recognise the different variations.


              Sorry can't send a screen shot at the moment.  For some bloody reason the resulting screen capture is coming out black.