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Virtual Memory & RAID

Question asked by 1-HEG8G0 on Aug 7, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2009 by Adam Szczepaniec

     I would be interested to know how people have set there virtual memory up when using a PC with RAID. The reason I ask is that I have recently run some benchmarks and it begs a question, do i put the virtual memory on the faster RAID array (with the OS & apps) or on a slower secondary drive?


My main RAID 0 runs at about 160MB/s seq read and 180MB/s seq write. the other drive in the machine on its own SATA interface only runs at 60MB/s seq (read &write).


The general rule is try to put virtual memory on a 2nd drive as it doesn't have as much chatter. The question, is that still true with high speed main drives or RAIDs ?