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    Re-referencing views when using multiple assemblies in one drawing

    Aaron Hoevenaar
      I have a drawing which is referencing 4 different assemblies and solidworks is loosing references to the correct assembly on certain sheets. Has anyone experienced this before? is there a way to re-reference drawing views to an assembly so that I do not have to delete the views (and all associated dimensions/annotations) and reinsert them? ive tried the references tab before opening the drawing but it doesnt break down which views on which page are referencing which assembly. TIA!
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          David Matula

          This one sounds like fun....is each file name differnt for each of the assemblies?  Has someone been moving the files around using windows explorer?

          To get your drawing fixed, I know that in sw 08 when I am about to open a drawing I can click on the References tab and it will show me all the files referenced by that drawing and I would be able to change those files or I could go back and tell the drawing where those files are located.  As far as what view on which page the drawing should keep up with all of that all it should need to know is where the file is located that the view is coming from.  If you can find out which files it has lost, you should be able to go in and find the files.

                  Another fix for this would be to open the 4 different assemblies then to open the drawing.  This should get your files all updated as long as the file names have not been changed while the drawing was closed. If that has happend you need to go to the fix above.