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Same vault 2 different servers

Question asked by 1-CIO0QW on Aug 6, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2009 by 1-CIO0QW

Hello everybody,

Right now we have a problem in my company, we have offices in Mexico and on the US, and there's only 1 engineer on each office, we're using WPDM in order to keep track of the projects and also to help each other on the R&D side of things. Right now we have the vault located on the US server, and the engineer from Mexico access it trough a VPN connection, which is not the best option due to the speed of the downloads/uploads of the files. We also have a server on the Mexican facility with some replicating software, in order to have the exact same data on the US and on the Mexican offices, wich keeps updating the servers all the time. Do any of you guys know if we can have the vault replicated, so its basically the same vault but installed locally on both servers so we do not have problems with speed when opening files? and also is it possible that when one of the engineers modifies a file, the replicating software updates the vault on the other server so they keep mirroring each other?

I know that PDM enterprise is more friendly with these kind of problems on the replicating side, but were just 2 guys, sharing the docs, and the price of the enterprise version is a little steep.

Any kind of comment would be very much appreciated.