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Is Simulation in Solidworks "real-time"? [SW 2007]

Question asked by 1-LDX4KK on Aug 6, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2009 by 1-LDX4KK

In simulation of an assembly, for e.g., one may choose to select "Rotary Motor" to rotate a gear or shaft. The designer enters a value for the angular velocity, preferably using the method of numerical value, so one can check be more precise of how the model rotates.


However, I noticed that the simulation is not in "real-time".What do I mean?


For e.g., in my simple compound gear train, I have a driver gear of 16 teeth, set at 1 RPM. The driven gear has 96 teeth. Its coaxial driver gear has 17 teeth, while the last driven gear to output shaft has 170 teeth. Doing the math gives the output shaft to rotate at 1/60 RPM, or 1 RPH. (You may check my calculation for verification).


Being as lame as I could, I took a stopwatch, sat in front of my monitor, and watch the outshaft rotate, to see if 1 RPH. It does not. So does SW not do simulation in real-time, i.e., 1 sec in SW is not = to 1 sec in the real world?



My skills are "Beginner" and I'm using version 2007.



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