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Changing material properties

Question asked by Derek Bishop on Aug 5, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2009 by Joe Galliera

I would like to hear the experiences of others regarding changing properties in a custom material property data base while in Simulation.



This is what I do:


Go into the simulation study.

RMB one of the bodies listed for a part and select edit material poperties.

LMB the edit button.

Change the required property.

Save the property and then exit from the material data base editing window.


When I go back into check the value that has been entered it has changed. The one that is displayed is different to the original and the new value entered. The model has the same material selected as the one that appears for all of the bodies in the study. If I now go to the model and view the material properties they have been updated with the new value entered in the Simulation.


Does anyone have any idea how this is supposed to work.