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Toolbox Part Number properties

Question asked by Robert Chivers on Aug 5, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2009 by Bruce Shand

Hi all,


I'm currently getting to grips with toolbox DEEP JOY!!!.


The problem I have is that the Company created a property called 'Number' to use as the Part number of the Part/Assy. This is then used in the BOM table. However, Toolbox uses the Solidworks property 'Part Number' in the Toolbox interface to input the 'Company Part Number' and you cannot add a column called 'Number' in the interface. (apparently you can in 2010).


Is it possible to have the BOM column to use both 'Number' and 'Part Number' properties. Or, is it possible to map the toolbox property 'Part Number' to the 'Number' property in the configurations.