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Solidworks Simulation Power & Stability

Question asked by 1-7W93DT on Aug 4, 2009
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     I'm new to the forums, and I have a few questions on the power and stability of Soildworks Simulation. I'm currently a Mechanical Engineer working for an aerospace company. I've been using Unigrapghics Nx and ANSYS (Classic and Workbench) for six years now. Several of my suppliers have seen my work and have requested that I perform some FEA analysis for them. Consequently I've been looking into purchasing a CAD program and a FEA program for my personnel use. I've heard a great deal of good things about Solidworks, and Solidworks simulation. I joined the forum to learn more about these programs. I was hoping to get some of your opinions and possibly get in touch with Vince Adams. I read Vince's book "Building Better Products with Finite Element Analysis" and I've also read one of his papers from Impact Engineering. If anyone knows Vince could you please pass my e-mail along to him. As for my other questions, I've been using ANSYS for quite sometime and I am very happy with the product however the software is cost prohibitive. I was wondering if people are using SW simulation for large non-linear dynamic, non-linear static, snap through buckling, forced response, or transient thermal problems? I was also wondering if SW Simulation can take advantage of multicore processors and high capacity memory workstation 24 GB and higher? One other concern I have on this software is I continue to read on these forums it appears that Soildworks Simulation may not be the most stable program. If you do a quick search it appears the forums are littered with issues relating to the stability of the product. Are these post exaggerations or is this a product that is being released too early. Thanks for everyone's help, I'm not sure if this was the right forum to post on or if there was a better way to reach out to existing Solidworks Simulation users. Also if anyone knows Vince Adams please forward my e-mail to him


Thanks again