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Compressing a Bill Of Material

Question asked by 1-CHM614 on Aug 4, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2009 by Phil Marra

Ok, here is the situation.

Due to our line of work, our assemblies can have hundreds of parts. Most parts have the same exact description. I have been working slowly on a total conversion from AutoCAD to Solidworks. This is an ongoing project, but one of the first things to do was to tackle the BOM.

However, it has been industry accepted standard to show all like description items on the same BOM line.


For example:


Item No.          QTY                Unit                  Description

1 – 6                2                      Each                 Panel               

7                      2                      Pcs                   Cover Plates

8 – 10              2                      Each                 Truss


I have not found an easy way to do this with solidworks. I have never encountered this need before in my 8+ years of solidworks experience. I know by nature, Solidworks will give each solid part it finds in an assembly its own line in the BOM.


Right now, my only option is to have the end user remove unwanted lines, and to modify the Item No. line manually.


While this is not a totally unacceptable practice, I would like to try to have it automated as much as possible.


Does anyone have any suggestions?