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    How to restrict printing

    Brian Long

      When we create a drawing, we use Matthew Lorono's SaveAsPDF with Folder Selection macro and it works perfect. Now I am needing to go a bit further with it. I need to be able to restrict printing per user login of the PDF's we create. I can't just lock it down from everyone because there are a few that still need to be able to print and we have a program we use for our shop travelers that needs to be able to print the PDF's.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance,




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          David Matula

          This is something for your It department.  In the network they can give sertain rights to people to view folders, or to have full access to folders.  So if you are putting all your pdf's in one folder, then they should be able to allow just the users that you want to be able to print those files to print them....

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            Tom Smith
            In the full version of Adobe Acrobat, you can set up a security policy that doesn't allow printing.  You have to do it for every pdf file.  I wouldn't know if that could be automated somehow.
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              Will Man

              I have heard that Curtain e-locker provides this type of protection. You can use it to restrict function "printing" on user workstations and file server.The link below is for your reference.



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                Matthew Lorono

                Off topic, I'm glad you found the macro useful.  

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                  Charles Warren

                  What then would prevent, say, viewing a PDF on the PC and doing a CTRL-PrintScreen to capture the drawing (screenshot) to the clipboard, then pasting it into wordpad or MS word, (maybe cropping out the start menu and window edges and zooming it to fill the screen), and then printing (or saving) that document?  I do it all the time to capture content from robotics software that doesn't print scripts or command sequences nicely.


                  I assume this is for IP protection purposes, so your staff aren't 'taking home' confidential drawings?  If that's the case, you'll want to be sure they can't just copy the PDFs onto a USB thumbdrive or burn them onto a CD (pretty much all PC optical drives now are write-capable and everything has multiple USB ports.


                  The one workplace I've encountered this was years ago, where the floppy drives were locked down and there was physical security on the printers...everything printed out at a 'copy center' and a secretary...ahem, administrator, handed out print jobs over the counter.  Not very efficient, and would she know what was and wasn't supposed to be printed?


                  Truthfully, even having no printers installed doesn't really give you security.  It's easy enough to login to webmail like Gmail on any browser and email yourself attachments, upload documents to Google docs, etc.  Unless you have no outside internet connections...


                  Best of luck!