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Linking Weldment Cut List Table Value To Annotations

Question asked by 1-IFDG4A on Aug 4, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2009 by David Matula

Hello Everyone,


I am new to Solidworks Professional 2009 and discovering the the advantages to this software.


We created a modular dock in Weldment Part driven by an Excel file for multiple configurations, then proceeded to create the Drawing from the part.

The drawing includes the General Layout of the dock with different views and sections and several more Sheets of each individual parts.


We inserted the weldment cut list with the different values (Part no., Description, Length and Qty.) in the General Layout drawing

The quantities listed in the cut list are for the fabrication for 1 dock .


Here is were I need Help,


For fabrication we can build several of these modules from the same drawing so we needed the total quantities of each individual part.

We added a column and inserted an equation that uses a variable in the Excel file for Dock qty, multiplied by the value in the Qty Column.


We need to link the Total Qty value in each Cut Sheet relative to the Item no.


Does anybody have an idea.


I have inserted Images of the Drawing Weldment Cut List as well has one of the Cut Sheet


Thank You.

Robert Griffith