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    Unable to delete empty folders

    Barry Newlands


      After installing EPDM sp4.0 we are still unable to delete certain folders that used to contain files but are now empty. I saw a thread detailing this issue a while back with a reply saying this issue would be addressed in this service pack. I had a search for it again but can't find it.


      Anyone else have this issue or a fix?

        • Re: Unable to delete empty folders
          Mike Adam


          I think your problem is known as permissions issue, the folders you are trying to delete contains files which has been added to that folder by different user, if you get this message "cannot delete the folders because it contains hidden files" you will need to do the following

          - check the workflow state permissions for the username you are using (Read file contents).

          - check if there are files (local cache) inside that folders, added but not yet checked in.

          if the problem will remain after that, you will need to contact your VAR