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    ECO forms in Excel

      My company is a startup and doesn't have the funding to get a PLM system so we are implementing PDME and are using Excel for our ECO forms. We have mapped some fields (with help) like ECO number, author and such but we would like to be able to map the electronic signatures to the form as well. This is for CFR Part 11 electronic signature compliance. Has anyone else tried to tackle this issue? I have been told that this is more easily accomplished in Word but we're using Excel. (Long story. Don't ask.)


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                                    Eric Kuehne

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          Corey Hinman
          I would think that when the approval is made you could set a variable in Enterprise for username and a variable for the time stamp. If you include mappings to those variables in your excel template, when you open it should update, you might need a macro to force the update.
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            Gene Mercer

            We have an excel document where we are doing electronic sign offs similar to what you are asking about I think? (I'm not familiar with the standard you address). Basically in our version as the project moves through the workflow it must be signed off by a team for each stage. While we don't map back the signatures to the excel document they are shown in tabs on the file data card (for each project gate/stage) and list the members that signed off and when. These could easily be mapped back into the document in the same way you are doing now for the ECO numbers and other Card/Vault variables. It does require a lot of variables (one for each signature/group and one for each stage/gate of sign off) but it does work.

            I'm pretty sure you're already aware (most VARs have already encounted this), but there's also a macro you'll probably want to add to the excel document that makes sure the variables are updated/refreshed when the file is opened.


            Just re-read your question.. all the above takes place with the excel document inside the vault. I hope that's your case and I've helped some?


            Keep playing with it, if you're already mapping variables from the vault and card to your spreadsheet you're halfway home!