SW07 Update Manager

Discussion created by Guest on Nov 21, 2006
I'm happy for several reasons, but I have a puzzle.

As a side note, the DVD install of SW07 SP0 went so fast, I was skeptical that it all worked. It did. I really do NOT miss the CD install. I hated swapping disks. DVD is way cool.

Since my initial install a couple of months ago, I've updated 3 times from SP0 to SP1.1, from SP1.1 to SP2.0EV and from SP2.0EV to SP2.0.

Each time was pretty much a breeze. I appreciate having the update manager scan my installation and recommend updates. All I have to do is decide which updates to do. This is infinitely better than previous installation methods!

For this latest effort, I chose to install them all. Some components were updated from SP0.0, others from SP1.1, and a couple from SP2.0EV. I was almost in tears of joy at not having to think about this! It was nearly as cool as a Microsoft XP update.

Tragically, Retrospect was scheduled to backup my system in the middle of my download (my oversight in scheduling the combination of processes). This locked up the download and I had to restart.

I was delighted to see that the stuff that had already been downloaded was not re-down-loaded. This saved quite a bit of time. Another big improvement in the system!

During the install of updates, I had McAfee warn me that registry changes were taking place. All I had to do was allow the changes. The installation completed just fine. (I probably should have disabled the virus scanner before installing the updates, but McAfee has made that into a real pain in the mouse.)

I've tested SP2.0 and it seems dandy.

Some seriously great work went into improving the update process. My compliments to the folks who did this. Good job!

I'd recommend changing a couple of things, though. There is a check box for "allowing me" to manage the updates. I'd change that to "force me" to manage. I've learned to leave that check box unchecked. That way the system does the installs with less intervention on my part.

My other puzzle: The help files installed themselves into the download folder . I had to move them into the proper location for my installation.

Installed to C:\SolidWorks Downloads\SolidWorks2007SP2_0\swHelpEnglish
I moved the 6 folders there to C:\Program Files\SolidWorks 2007\ and told them to overwrite the existing folders. That seemed to fix the help file installation.

Did I miss something in the update process that would have put the help files in the right spot?