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    Override units in EPDM BOM

    Derek Hopkins

      Is there a way to have EPDM always display dimensions in inch units  in the bill or material?


      Sometimes, when we are building a customer's design, we model using metric dimensions.  We link dimensions from the model to our custom properties so that it drives our material stock sizes.  When these values are displayed in EPDM's bill of material, it will use the part document's specified units.  Is there a global setting inside of EPDM that will override the document's units so that the dimensions listed are always in inches no matter what it is modeled to?




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          There isn't a way to specify units in the EPDM BOM.


          So, I wrote an addin for SolidWorks. What it does is on file save and file save as, it takes the current model units and converts them to inches rounded to 2 decimal places and places that value in a "LengthInInches" custom property. You can then map that property to the BOM. I've attached the source so you can modify it to your needs. (As well as the compiled dll as is.)


          Disclaimer: you bear the risk of using it.