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Which to choose: PhotoWorks or PhotoView (SW 2009)?

Question asked by Christopher Thompson on Aug 2, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2009 by David Demaria



It has been a while since I have done renderings, and a client has requested a rendering of an assembly where the parts are plastic. I have the PhotoWorks 2008 Self-Study guide that I purchased from my SW VAR, and I am now using SW Premium 2009 (64-bit). My question is how to determine which add-in to use: PhotoWorks or PhotoView? What advantages does one have over the other (


Here are some of the conditions I anticipate:


  • Modification of design of parts or assembly. Possibility of changing materials as design progresses.
  • The parts are plastic, and one part is translucent.
  • One part may contain a fluid, such as water. What is the best method for showing a fluid in a translucent part?
  • The scene will most likely be outdoors.


Does one add-in render faster than another? I suspect some of your opinions will be based on which add-in has fewer bugs (SP 4.0 on Win XP x64) for SW 2009.


Let me know which add-in you would select to render this project, and why. Thanks for your suggestions.