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Large assembly = power hog

Question asked by Don Aldridge on Aug 3, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2009 by Don Aldridge

  I am working on an assembly with multible parts having lots of features.  It has gotten to the point where the assembly is unworkable, every time I try and add something or move something all the parts just turn into blocks and everything gets herky jerky (very tecnical phrase, yes?)


  Is this just a matter of my computer not having enough power?  I have plenty of hard drive available but only 3 GB. of RAM.


How about the video card? NVIDIA Ge Force 6150 SE n Force 430, I was told before this isn't a good video card for SW, would changing this fix my problem?


If I must I could scale down some of the features on the individule parts but I really don't want to do that, this assembly will be an exploded view and I want as much detail as possible.