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    PDMWorks Enterprise 2009 - Update

    Dennis Hvam

      Hallo all,


      I'm getting really annoyed with all the little bugs in the PDMWorks Enterprise 2008 SP4.

      Bugs like:

      Renaming files looses their relations to the assembly, and creates another copy of the file.

      Notifications send to user includes ALL of the parts not just the assembly or drawings (which results in app. 60-200 email for an assembly)

      Where used and contains not working on all assemblies or drawings.

      Datacard date resetting.


      I have contacted my VAR  regarding all my problem and the answer is always the same, upgrade to 2009 (Now that they fixed to randomly checking in and out bug.)


      But what is the users/yours experience with PDMWorks Enterprise 2009?


      /Dennis Hvam.

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          Kim Nguyen

          SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2009 (the new name) has been out for a while and it has SP4 now. I haven't heard anyone said that EPDM 2009 is worse than PDMWE 2008 so I think it's safe to go forward.



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            Lucas Dexter


                 We have been running 2009 SP3.0 for a few weeks now.  2009 was actually pretty painless in comparison to previous upgrades.  But I know what you mean about SolidWorks telling you to upgrade to fix current issues.  Unfortunately you do not know what is broken in the next release because SolidWorks' upgrade record is pretty poor.  We upgraded SolidWorks to 2009 SP3.0 shortly after the EPDM upgarde.  We found an issue where you can not have the EPDM add-in turned on while working with large assemblies because is slows the system down; functions that should take seconds takes up to a minute.  We also had some other issues with the Quadro card.


            Anyway, SolidWorks' answer was, upgrade to 2009 SP4.0 to see if that fixes the issue.  We had only been running it for two days!!  Does SolidWorks realize what it takes to prepare for an EPDM/SolidWorks upgrade?  Obviously the support personnell have never done an upgrade or they would not make such hasty suggestions.


            Good Luck!!


            Lucas Dexter

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              Martin S
              Our company upgraded from solidworks and pdm 08 to 09 back in june. We have had nothing but problems ever since. I've spent the past few months on the phone with our var trying to get every problem solved and still we are plagued by issues. Im sure the fact that our archive server crashed during the install didnt help matters (not due to our equipment). My advise would be to have a solid backup and recovery plan in line before upgrading and plan on spending lots of money. We were forced to upgrade all of our engineers pc's due to the poor performance of solidworks and pdm and their pc's weren't bad to begin with. also, That little issue with docs checking themselvs in and out in still lurking around in our system.