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New Install SW2009 Fails

Question asked by 1-K53505 on Aug 1, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by Satish Kumar

I'm installing SW2009 standard ed. on an older laptop. I've run SW on this laptop before and it meets the minimum requirements for SW2009. However, during my installation the install manager keeps getting interupted. It doesn't happen at the same place each time. It appears that the installation goes further along each attempt but never quite finishes. I'm not getting an error code. When observing the progress bar everything is moving along then the progress says "rolling back action" the bar slowly moves back to zero and then the install manager says "install manager interupted, nothing added..."


I've upgraded all the video driver and set VM to 2G. It's the weekend and my VAR is closed so hoping someone here can help. Maybe you've seen this before?


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Terry Gonzales