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    EPDM new install

    Richard Hall

      My company is about to install EPDM after having SmarTeam for years.

      1. Is there anything I should know during training and implementation?  We are not migrating our data but will pull as needed. 
      2. how do you typically control Standard fasteners?  Not using toolbox due to mil spec hardware.
      3. any suggestions on controlling BOM's for output for manufacturing?

      Thanks for any help


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          Lou Gallo

          Rich - Keep it simple. The more complex the workflow and automation the harder it is to troubleshoot issues.  I usually start with a simple flow chart that comprises the steps and parties involved from concept to release.  Going day forward is a good idea since PDM is garbage in garbage out so taking the time to ensure all the data has metadata and is checked in propertly will make for much soother waters down the road.

          Standard Fasteners, well this is something that is currently a limitation however you can add them to the toolbox and utilize the way Enterprise handles toolbox parts (check S-026058 in the KB). As far as BOM control for MFG, EPDM can export out XML of the BOM info but that might not be much use to MFG unless it was parsed and maybe read in another program.  You can manually extract Excel or CSV from the BOM tab and save that or you could give them a viewer and they could click on the assembly and the BOM tab to see it directly in the system.  The default BOM is known as a computed BOM so it reads the assembly. If you would like to mod the BOM for MFG then you can create a "Saved BOM" which can be tweaked and changed and add virtual line items such as grease or tape that might not be modeled.