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splitting an addin to multiple dlls

Question asked by 1-L51KJA on Jul 31, 2009
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  I've written some utility code in C# that I'd like to use in multiple addins as a referenced dll.  I've found that if I include the utility source in a project, everything works fine.  However, if I split the utility into a separate project and create a dll, and reference that dll from any other project, Solidworks complains that a part is missing when the program starts, even though everything compiles fine in Visual Studio.

  Anyone find a way to resolve this type of problem?  I'm wondering if Solidworks creates a local copy of the plugin somewhere else, and hasn't gathered all the references... or if the program should be statically linked (I don't know if C# supports this), or if there is some way to register the utility code with solidworks, even though it is not a standalone plugin by itself.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.