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Font Translation between SolidWorks and AutCAD

Question asked by Jeff Sparks on Jul 30, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2012 by Jim Paterson

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Is there a way to translate SolidWorks fonts to AutoCAD? We moved to SolidWorks and have found that when we create a SolidWorks DWG and try to open it in AutoCAD or view it in our company search program, the fonts are a mess. AutoCAD puts all the SolidWorks fonts on layers called SLDTEXTSTYLE layers. This takes the original text done in SolidWorks and moves it around and breaks up note sentences etc…

We have too many vendors and customers who live in the AutoCAD world to try to force them to change to suit us, so we need a way to be able to have fonts come over cleanly. If this has been asked already I apologize, but I could not find it in my search.