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EPDM and Design Library in Solidworks

Question asked by Tim Turpin on Jul 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2009 by 1-7JYGPT

When mapping design library locations in Solidworks to location in EPDM we do not see any icons of the library elements.


To resolve issue - We have to copy the elements to a temp directory outside of EPDM, then shut down and restart Solidworks, then we see the icons when going to the design library in Solidworks.  Finally, we delete the temp directory outside of EPDM.  Please note that we did not need to map to this temp directory, only make copies.


Any files which are outside of EPDM, when design library is mapped to location work properly, but if the files reside in EPDM and we map, we have to follow steps as mentioned.


Has anyone seen this issue or something similar?


Using SW 2007 and EPDM 2008.


Thanks, Tim