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What are the limitations of motion animations in eDrawings?

Question asked by Jason Talley on Jul 29, 2009

I have several motion studies that I have created in SW 2009 sp4, that appear to function correctly.  I just recently noticed the ability to attach the motion with my eDrawing files, but have had trouble with proper animation in that format.


So far, I have noticed in context parts (I have an extrusion that's length is based on the location of other components) do not "rebuild" as it should (it remains in the original length for the duration of the animation), and assembly component patterns do move at all while the components they were patterned from move correctly.  These errors/limits are only in eDrawings, while they correctly appear in both SW and any saved animations from SW.


Before I get too frustrated, I thought I would see if anyone had experience with either the limitations of exporting animations to eDrawings, or workarounds to get the desired affect.