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    wiring diagram in drawing

    Mike Lydon

      I am creating a wiring diagram in a drawing, no model views. I have created my blocks representing the components, terminal boards, etc., and placed them on the sheet. I can't find any way to lock the blocks in position with dimensions to some fixed point. When I place the lines representing the wire runs and try to space them esthetically with dimensions, the line that I am trying to move with a dimension stays fixed, and all the blocks that are connected with existing wire runs, move. Is this expected behavior? How can I fix the blocks in position on the drawing sheet? Should I be doing this in a model sketch instead of on a drawing sheet?




      Mike Lydon

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          Mark Kaiser

          To anchor a block in a drawing:


          1. Select an endpoint of a line in the block.
          2. Add a fixed relation to this point.


          The con of doing this is finding the fixed relation sometime in the future if you wish to move the block.  You probably also could fix an arbitrary sketch point somewhere in the drawing (with a fixed relation), and dimension all of your blocks to this point, then hide the dimensions.  Then you can unhide the dimensions in the future to move the blocks, maybe more user friendly then fixing a point on your blocks.


          Still might be another way to do this, as I don't often do wiring diagrams.