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Part description option missing!!

Question asked by David Massner on Jul 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2009 by Matt Shedlov

Hi everyone,


When I insert a BOM into a very small assembly that I have (4 parts), I go to add the column under custom properties labeled "Description" to bring up the descriptions of the parts I'm calling out... but it's not an option! It gives me every other option under the sun, but not that one. Thinking I was losing my mind, I opened one of my larger assemblies and inserted a BOM table, then proceeded to add a column and guess what, under custom properties, there it was, "Description". Why will it work in one drawing, but not another? All of my components have names, descriptions, and BOM part numbers. I don't understand. Any help would be GREALY appreciated, if you can navigate your way through these new forums.... Thanks.