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What versions of OpenGL does SW use?

Question asked by Brad Lovin on Jul 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2009 by Charles Culp

I was just wondering what versions of openGL does SW use for






I see that the $$$$ quadro cards support OpenGL 3.0

while the $$ gforce cards support OpenGL 2.1


I have been using SW since '97+ back before nVidia realized they could rape the professional community,

there was a setting in the card setup that allowed you to check a box and all the "gamer" cards worked great with SW.

1st they removed this checkbox, and you had to find the sofware hack for your "gamer" cards to make them perform well.

now apparently they have made a hardware change to prevent this. (so I have read)

So what I want to know is if SW2008 used OpenGL 2.1 then a new Gforce card should work fine with SW.

And if that is the case I have no problem using SW 2008 untill .....