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    Draw a line from midpoint?

    Matthew Neesley
      Is it possible in Solidworks 09 to start drawing a line from its midpoint?  I'm just starting to learn this program (and Mechanical design in general), and a lot of my assignments give dimensions to the centers of lines; it sure would be handy to be able to start a line from its midpoint and not have to constantly figure out the "half-value" of a line.
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          Dale Dunn

          Draw the line approximately correct, add appropriate midpoint relations, then when you dimension the sketch, add the correct values. If it doesn't automatically prompt you for the correct value when you add the dimension, go to the tools munu, options, system, general, "input dimension value".


          This is a common issue with users who are new to parametric modeling. Control your geometry with dimensions and relations, not by directly manipulating things. The dimensions and relations capture and maintain your design intent so you don't have to do it manually.

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            Harold Brunt

            If a majority of the part is dimensioned from a center line then symetry can be used. Draw a construction center line and constrain the end points symetric to it.


            But to answer your question, not that I know of.

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              Kelvin Lamport

              Sort of!


              Use the Dynamic Mirror Entities tool when sketching. There are caveats though;

              1) another line or model edge has to be selected as the mirror 'plane'

              2) a line has to be started or finished aligned with the mirror 'plane'



              A simpler method would be to place a sketch point at the centre of a normal line. The point can then be selected for dimensioning.

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                Craig Siebert

                Yes it is.

                Start a sketch, select line command, and place your cursor on the line you want to start in the middle and wait for the mid-point graphic to pop up then move your cursor over onto it and then click and drag your new line out.  You can mate it up from there.

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                  Mauricio Martinez-Saez

                  Solution 1: Draw two colinerar line segments, make the two segments equal, then place a dimension from the center point where the two segments meet to the end of one segment, that dimension will be the 1/2 lenght of your line.


                  Solution 2:  Make a single line, draw a point (any place on the screen) select the point and the line and place a "midpoint" Relation, place your dimension from the point to the end of the line, the line will be the dimension entered * 2


                  There are many other solutions for the same...  but as far as I know no CAD allow you to draw a line from the line center point, there are automirror functions, etc. and many basic sketch creation technics to do that.

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                    VENKATESH S.

                    It's possible in Solidworks 2015. What's new solidworks 2015 consists of "Mid-point Line" option in sketcher environment.

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