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    Asterisks in Balloons - Subassembly Configurations

      We are currently having difficulty with ballooning sub-assemblies (with configurations) in our top assembly drawings (balloons contain asterisks).


      Within our Top Assembly Drawing we have a several Sub-Assemblies.


      One of the Sub-Assys has a -10 & -20 configuration. We are using the -20 for this particular drawing.


      The -20 config contains all of the parts in the -10 which we have hidden (not suppressed) so they show in the BOM.

      It also contains a -20 part file that is a mirror of the -10 (sub assy saved as a part and mirrored).

      This -20 mirrored part is for pictoral use only and we have 'excluded it from the bom'.

      We have also set the configs in the Sub-Assy to 'don't show child components in bom when used as a sub-assembly'.


      (hope this is making sense)


      So, it seems, that when we balloon this Sub Assy in the Top Assy (in which we are attaching the arrow to the '-20 part') the number should reflect

      that of the Sub-Assy in the BOM.


      Are we overlooking something here?


      If not, is it a glitch? (and does anyone know of a work-around?)


      Thank you!


      - Brandon Campbell

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          Edson Gebo

          I've had this issue before and never found any clear cut consistencies how to fix them or why they happen.  A few things you can try are:


          • Look for virtual compenents in your sub-assemblies and make them actual parts.  Look under help for this one.
          • Create a new config and change the view on drawing to new config.  Right click in drawing view to change
          • Force the link of said BOM to the view(s) your creating for the balloon callout. Right click in drawing view to change
          • Check to see if your sub-assemblies has the option "don't show ___ ____ as assembly" turned off.  Right click at the config and select properties.


          Hope something works for ya...Ed-

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            Josh Brady
            1. Make sure the view is linked to the BOM.

            After that, you might try this  - a little more involved.  In the BOM properties, under "Part Configuration Grouping", make sure you've selected "Show configurations with the same name as one item".  Then, in your subassembly, open each configuration's properties.  Set the "part number to use in BOM" property to "User defined name", and enter exactly the same name for both configurations.  You can't use "Document name" or "same as parent" for this functionality.
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              John Lhuillier
              From your write up you said you have the -20 config set for exclude from BOM and also don't show child parts in the bom but this is the one you are trying to balloon in the drawing. Perhaps you could turn the don't show child parts off in the -20 configuration but leave the -20 part file as exclude from BOM. If you have the exclude from BOM set and try to balloon any of the parts in the -20 (dont show child config) it will show as an asterisk.
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                Josh Brady
                What I wrote up should work.  However, it doesn't really work unless all configurations of the subassembly that should be grouped exist in the main assy config that is referenced by the BOM.  If possible, change your BOM to reference the configuration in which -20 is referenced.