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Asterisks in Balloons - Subassembly Configurations

Question asked by 1-FMG8RS on Jul 27, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2009 by Josh Brady

We are currently having difficulty with ballooning sub-assemblies (with configurations) in our top assembly drawings (balloons contain asterisks).


Within our Top Assembly Drawing we have a several Sub-Assemblies.


One of the Sub-Assys has a -10 & -20 configuration. We are using the -20 for this particular drawing.


The -20 config contains all of the parts in the -10 which we have hidden (not suppressed) so they show in the BOM.

It also contains a -20 part file that is a mirror of the -10 (sub assy saved as a part and mirrored).

This -20 mirrored part is for pictoral use only and we have 'excluded it from the bom'.

We have also set the configs in the Sub-Assy to 'don't show child components in bom when used as a sub-assembly'.


(hope this is making sense)


So, it seems, that when we balloon this Sub Assy in the Top Assy (in which we are attaching the arrow to the '-20 part') the number should reflect

that of the Sub-Assy in the BOM.


Are we overlooking something here?


If not, is it a glitch? (and does anyone know of a work-around?)


Thank you!


- Brandon Campbell