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Replace Components!  Any fix yet? Ideas how to get around mate errors?

Question asked by 1-J6XWFG on Jul 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2009 by Randy Moe

I am trying to replace parts in an assembly and some work smoothly others are painful.  The part templates are the same and modeled the same.  I am using planes and face ID's.  Orientation of the part comes in correctly but face coincident mates become "suppressed invalid or no longer exist". I have tried to scrap the face id's and insert planes because they are always there. Neither works.  Still have broken mates. It would not be critical if I were simply just able to edit but I am in the process of a DriveWorks implementation and I would like to be able to automatically generate models without errors and having to edit.  I also see that there is a Development group working on this issue.  If anyone knows a better way to avoid these errors it would be greatly appreciated.