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Windows movie maker

Question asked by Matt Wallace on Jul 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2009 by Matt Wallace

This isn't directly SW related (maybe), but here is the deal....


Of 3 SW users here and 4 computers (I have 2 that I use), Windows Movie Maker won't run, we just get a message that it is prevented by a "software restriction policy".  This has IT baffled, since there is no software restriction policy in place and all the security settings imply that WMM should run.  It starts just fine on the computers of some non-SW users in the office.  So, if some others could check to see if it runs, I would much appreciate it.  WMM comes with XP SP2 and also Vista, I believe.  If it isn't easily accessible under the Start menu,  Run>moviemk.exe will start it.


Here are my specs:


SW 2009 SP4.0  64 bit

Windows XP64 SP2

Nvidia Quadro FX 4600 / 5600  (a variety of drivers have been tried)


anything else?


To make this more mysterious, WMM ran on one of the computers last year, but I may have still been on SW2008 at the time.


I mainly need something to stitch AVIs together and possibly add sound, so if there is some other free or low cost application to do that, I could do that as well.  WMM has been used mainly as a matter of convenience.