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    EPDM Justification Assistance

    Jennifer Loppnow

      Hello fellow SW users,


      We are currently running SW PDM, and I don't have to tell you that while better than Windows Explorer, still not the best data management tool out there. I am on a journey to acquire EPDM at my company. I've taken it for a test drive, and I like it. Only problem being is, well, it's expensive and I'll have a fair amount of users to purchase a seat for. On top of that we do not currently have an SQL server, so that expense is added to my situation as well. Is there anyone out there that could help me with the cost justification? I'm going to have to be able to show a payback on this expense within 4 years. If anyone has any ideas or documentation that could help me out, I would so greatly appreciate it.


      Thanks all!



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          Joy Garon

          Hello Jennifer,


          You'll be please to know that SQL Server is included with EPDM so there is no extra cost. Nor do we charge for servers, replication, SDK, etc.

          We do offer afforable license packages. You would be best served by meeting with your SW VAR who can provide you with the information you require and answer your questions.


          Best Regards,

          Joy Garon

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            Jon Brunke




                 Do you have geographically separate Engineering groups or Engineers that would benefit with the ability to work with the Engineering group from remote locations in real time?  Would your non Engineering work force find value in real time access to your CAD and for that matter non CAD data?

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                Jennifer Loppnow

                Yes and yes.


                I have engineers in multiple locations around the country, so the ability to replicate the vault is essential in my book.


                And I see our company using EPDM for all of our engineering workflow processes that travel outside of the engineering department. New parts release process, engineering changes, corrective action reports, etc.......Everything we do now is by hand written, hard copy and sits in someones inbox until they process it. Having the ability to set a simple process in place where each person does their task and is notified via email that it is 'their turn' would make our lives so much simpler. This alone is really what I want this software for. It drives me crazy that we don't do things electronically.


                The problem I don't know how to address is how do I associate savings of time and efficiency into dollars. I know in my head that it makes sense and that we would greatly benefit from it. It's just difficult to put down on a piece of paper for me. I have to have something that I can put in front of our board of directors, who aren't familiar with everyday workflow processes, but they will see and say "this makes sense, we need to have this". And at close to $100K for all the seats, I need to really get my point across.

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                    Jon Brunke
                    Jennifer, I'm right in the middle of upgrading EPDM/SW to 2009 so I'm a little busy but I'd like to help if I can.  I had alot of fun with our EPDM justification.


                    Gains of this sort are as you lament difficult to quantify. Try taking a page out of the lean manufacturing book, if your people are into lean this may work well for you.  One of the things those folks really focus on is eliminating waste.  In this case wasted motion traveling from point A to B and back again delivering things. I know this won't sound like much but think about how far people have to walk to deliver a document. For now don't concern yourself with how much faster the work will get done. Think about all of the different file repositories (ECO, purchase orders, Engineering drawing cabinets). Who uses them, how often and how far they travel.


                    For us it was fairly easy to determine annual quantities of new/revised drawings.  Manufacturing orders (each of which includes a drawing) turned out to be a huge waist.  Even after you make conservative estimates across the board you may be surprised at how many dollars are just "walking around". 


                    Take a look at the attached spread sheet. Go ask your accounting department for the general rate for salaried and non salaried personal. Build your spread sheet. Get input from the people that do the work.  How long does it take to get to the filing cabinets? How long does it take to find then refile documents? Cut everything you get in half and plug it into the spread sheet. Be sure to be conservative, if anybody challenges you, you can guarantee your position will improve. You may be amazed at the dollars.


                    Wouldn't it be fun to see your CFO trying to hike across the building and back in one minute!


                    Oh one last though we lease our printers. We pay a monthly bill for materials (paper by linear foot and toner). The results were good for us, not so good for the Xerox folks.


                    It's hard to argue that the work will get done faster if it gets to next guy faster. Even if they don't say they'll be thinking everybody has already got to much work.  Remember here your arguing that the dollars not spent carrying paper around equals the purchase and oh by the way your people will be able to stay on station.


                    Hope this makes some sense, gotta go.

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                        Jennifer Loppnow

                        Thanks Jon,


                        I appreciate the ROI calculator. It will help me out. After further discussion of this project with my boss, he thinks we ought to take a different approach with it and focus in more on data integrity and security. While I am still going to factor in time to dollars saved, I'm going to approach this from a different stand point.


                        I have my own issues with the integrity issues that occur in PDMW that I am not happy about, so this list shouldn't be too difficult.


                        I would, however, love to hear any other issues any of you may have run across. How has Enterprise beefed up your data integrity?


                        Thanks again all.