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Some questions about EPDM sp4

Question asked by Mike Adam on Jul 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2009 by Corey Vantilborg


I have few questions regarding EPDM, could be easy to answer.


1- how can I map datacard variables to DWG custome property / how to view the blocks, variables inside the DWG files?


2- is there anyway to know files blocks or variables which we can use inside the Card editor (DWG, sldprt, sldasm....etc)?


3- whenever I drag-drop files into the vault the files are automatically added and checked-out, how can I disable that feature, to let it work in this way (drag-drop files ---> add to the vault ----> check-out?


4- when I add files to the vault, I see the creation date inside the file datacard is the current date, but whenever I view the file properties in windows explorer I find "creation date" and its different than the current date, how can I view the real creation date of the file in PDM datacard, what attribute shall I use...?