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Meshing problem. Probably an easy answer.

Question asked by Eric Beckman on Jul 22, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2020 by Mouath Azzeh

I am probably not the Simulation expert that a lot of people are on this forum, so this could be an easy answer.


I have an export crate design primarily out of 1 X 3 steel. I can get the bottom frame to mesh and run at the finest density in 'standard mesh' mode. But once I make an assembly out of it, and insert a few other parts, I can no longer get the part to mesh on 'Standard'. I know about the issue with the long file path, and parts not being able to mesh from the failed mesh error file.


Why would a part easily mesh on it's own, but fail once it's in an assembly? I can get it to mesh on "curvature", but then it inncorrectly handles the other parts. Any suggestions?