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Adding custom properties to custom toolbox

Question asked by Krishh M on Jul 22, 2009
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Hi I am trying to create a custom tool box. I want to add couple of custom properties to my toolbox items so that those properties will be added to each item created out of toolbox. I am doing this because I can catch those properties in the BOM. I tried this in two ways. Unfortunately neither of them are working like I want.


1. As shown in the two screen shot files, I added custom properties in the toolbox 'configure' interface, and I checked my custom toolbox. Also I selected 2nd checkbox shown in screen shot. When I went to 'all configurations' tab in 'configure' interface, I can see all possible configurations of that particular item. There I can see 2 new columns corresponding to my new custom properties - 'Material' & 'DrawingNo'. I have to change 'DrawingNo' property for the fastners we use. But somehow, system not allowing me to update my two custom properties, where as it is allowing me to change solidworks given custom propeties- 'partnumber', 'partdescription' & 'comment'. Actually I wanted to import all these details into an excel file and update 'DrawingNo' property with our partnumber and export that back so that would update here. But that was not working either.


2.As second idea, I added my two custom properties to actual part file in directory( <Toolbox install dir>\Browser\<standard>) . I thought that would show these two properties in toolbox 'configure' interface window so that I can edit like explained earlier. But that was not seen either.


So I end up here exploring different ways to achieve what I want.


It would be great help if somebody could help me on this.





SW2008 SP.5

Windows XP, SP.2

Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU

E4505 @ 2.00GHz

2.00GHz, 3.25 GB of Ram,

NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700 512 MB